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<   No. 2066   2008-09-22   >

Comic #2066

1 {scene: Ñ's office at British Secret Service headquarters}
1 Ñ: Station T in Istanbul has been contacted by a cipher clerk from the Russian Embassy. She wants to defect.
2 Ñ: Says she saw your photo in a file and fell in love. If you pick her up, she'll bring over a Lektor decoding machine.
3 Stud: A Lektor! Hmmm. As feasible as the entire story is, it sounds like it might just possibly be a trap.
4 Ñ: I was sure it was a trap. Then I realised that maybe she's legally blind or something.

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Yet another set that I had to recreate from scratch using only old strips as reference. We haven't see Ñ's office since way back at the beginning of the Dr No story.

2020-05-16 Rerun commentary: It hasn't been mentioned since the annotation when James went into Miss Geltschilling's office way back in #364 that the angled Lego brick on her desk is an intercom, and it has never been explained before now that the angled brick on Ñ's desk is the matching intercom on the other end of the line. Although that should hopefully have been obvious to anyone old enough to know what an office intercom system is.

In the film From Russia With Love, the information given by Ñ in the first two panels here is indeed the setup for James Bond's involvement in the plot of the film. Except in the film, Bond immediately suspects it's a trap, and M says, "Well, obviously it's a trap." They decide to send Bond to Turkey anyway because any possibility of getting a Lektor decoder, no matter how slight, is too good to pass up. And Bond concludes with, "The whole thing's so fantastic it just could be true..." Which gives the impression that film James Bond does think it's entirely possible that a Russian cipher clerk could fall in love with him just from looking at his photo.

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