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<   No. 2064   2008-09-20   >

Comic #2064

1 Adam: Setting time coordinates. We're going back to a primitive era, full of lumbering giants engaged in a tooth and claw struggle for dominance!
2 [sound]: ZUUURCH! {the time machine operates!}
3 {scene change: The Past}
3 Young Adam: Hey Jamie! Check out the old geezers!
3 Young Jamie: Totally bogus to the max, dude!
4 Jamie: That's our younger selves! It's worse than the Jurassic! It's the '80s!!!
4 Adam: Gaaaahh!!

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It's somewhat depressing to realise that the music you grew up listening to during high school is now only being played on the Oldies radio stations. Well, that Wikipedia article claims "Oldies" stations play music from the 50s through to the 70s. But the ones around here have crept into the 80s.

It won't be long until Oldies stations start encroaching into the 90s. Readers of a certain age may find this frightening.

2020-05-09 Rerun commentary: Here we are nearly 12 years later, and the "Oldies" station that I listen to has indeed fully embraced songs of the 90s as being "Oldies" - in fact they go as recent as a year or two into the 2000s.

So this Oldies station is now how I'm being exposed to new music that I haven't heard before!

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