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<   No. 2059   2008-09-15   >

Comic #2059

1 Paris: All right. Let's take off without paying our docking fees. We can't risk destroying the universe.
2 {ship skews into hyperspace}
3 {silence, as they look into the depths of space out the viewport}
4 Serron: Breaking the law shouldn't feel this unexciting.

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I think I've explained this before, but in this universe ships "take off" by skewing directly into hyperspace while on the landing pad. There's no need to take off and fly out into space before engaging the hyperspace generators. Thus the instant change in view.

2020-04-19 Rerun commentary: I'm not aware of any other science fiction setting in which ships routinely "take off" by flipping into a hyperspace while stationary on the landing pad. Pretty much all science fiction universes that use a hyperspace travel concept require the ships to take off first, either to build up to some sort of speed, or to get further away from the planet's gravity well. Admittedly, that approach does provide for a bit more drama, as pursuit vehicles can chase them at least for a while.

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