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<   No. 2028   2008-08-15   >

Comic #2028

1 {scene: Morning in the police holding cells in Glasgow}
1 Guard: {walking along the corridor to the cells} Steve, your wife is here to... Oh my god!
2 Guard: The cell has been broken into! The whole wall has been blown away!
3 Guard: Who would do such a recklessly illegal, destructive, and dangerous thing?!
4 Terry: Jane. Freakin'. Goodall.

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I originally figured Terry would be a bit more formal and not drop the "g" off, and say, "Jane. Freaking. Goodall". But when I did a Google search I discovered that "Jane freakin' Goodall" has substantially more hits than "Jane freaking Goodall". Mostly caused by people copying the other times I've used this phrase.

So who am I to ruin a trend by bifurcating it?

2020-01-04 Rerun commentary: That explosion left a very neatly edged hole in the wall.

This is what life would be like if our universe was quantised into chunks the relative size of Lego bricks, rather than chunks too small to notice.

And Everything would be Awesome.

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