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<   No. 200   2003-08-13   >

Comic #200

1 [caption]: A cottage not far from Paris...
1 Terry: {in a red hood} My, grandma! What big eyes you have!
2 Cthulhu: All the better to see you with.
2 Terry: And what squamous tentacles you have!
3 Cthulhu: All the better to force a SAN check...
4 Cthulhu: Fhtagn!
4 Terry: {running off} Aiiieeee! Steve!!!!

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Just when you thought Irregular Webcomic! couldn't get any more surreal.

Yes, that's Terry. No, I don't know why her grandmother lives in France.

And on a serious note, I do want to thank everyone who has contributed to Irregular Webcomic!, either by giving me strip suggestions, bug reports, just plain fan mail, or simply by checking it out every day. Thanks!

2012-06-19 Rerun commentary: Gosh, I thought 200 strips was a big deal back in the day.

And this is one of the more surreal strips I ever did. It's kind of disconnected with any other sort of sensible continuity, but not so much that you can't nut it out somehow.

Terry is standing on a translucent plastic fishing tackle box, that I use to keep small LEGO pieces in. I used that a few times early on as a sort of piece of scenery, such as in #22.

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