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<   No. 1977   2008-06-25   >

Comic #1977

1 SASquaTCH Assistant: Dr Goodall! Look at that!
1 Jane Goodall: That's Dame Goodall to you...
2 {The Surgeon's Photo of a mysterious plesiosaur-like neck and head rising above the Loch}
3 Jane Goodall: My god, we've found it. It's all fuzzy and indistinct. I can't really tell what it is.
4 SASquaTCH Assistant: I always thought that was just poor photography...
4 Jane Goodall: Nope. Classic sign of an actual cryptid.

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The photo used here is the famous "Surgeon's Photo", taken in 1934 and purported to be of the Loch Ness Monster until 1994 when it was admitted to be a deliberate hoax by the original perpetrator.

2019-07-07 Rerun commentary: Much like the natural ability of cryptids, aliens also have special technology in their UFOs to make them look fuzzy and indistinct in photos.

I extracted the "monster" from the Surgeon's Photo and overlaid it into the background for panels 1 and 3, with a bit of transparency to make it a bit more indistinct. In hindsight, I probably should have added a touch of Gaussian blur as well. (Or a bit more, if I did already. It's hard to tell... it's so indistinct...)

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