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<   No. 1975   2008-06-23   >

Comic #1975

1 Jamie: How can we bust myths if we already know everything?
1 Adam: We can't!
1 Jamie: I know!
2 Adam: We need to restore ourselves to our original memories.
2 Jamie: I know!
3 Charon: I'm not sure that's possible.
3 Jamie: Oh it is.
3 Adam: We know how to do it.
4 Charon: {turning away} Know-it-alls...

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Omniscience is one of those things that sounds good in theory, until you think about it for a bit and realise what a downer it must be after a while.

Like immortality. It's all well and good to want to live forever, until you realise that forever is a bloody long time.

2019-06-30 Rerun commentary: I read somewhere recently that if we could stop the aging process and cure all diseases, then statistically people would live to an average of about 800 years old before dying in some horrible accident.

Nobody will die of old age or cancer or heart disease any more - instead everyone will die in a car crash, or by falling off a mountain, or by being eaten by crocodiles or something. In some ways that sounds worse.

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