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<   No. 1973   2008-06-21   >

Comic #1973

1 {scene: The streets of Paris. The elder Joneses are on a sidecar motorcycle, chasing the truck driven by the Nazis.}
1 Minnesota Jones: We're gaining on them. Look, the boy's on the truck!
2 Prof. Jones: Ooooh... we're passing La Tour d'Argent! Can we spare the time for some pressed duck? With a nice Bordeaux?
3 Minnesota Jones: What do you think?!
4 Prof. Jones: I think a Chateau Latour '99 would go nicely.

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Pressed duck. Okay, before I provide links, I feel obliged to provide warnings.

People of a vegan nature, or who faint at the mention of dead animals, stop reading now.

People of a vegetarian nature, or who feel slightly queasy at the mention of dead animals, stop reading now.

People who insist their meat be free range and humanely killed, stop reading now.

People who will eat almost anything, but are disgusted by some things, stop reading now.

All right, still with us? Then you won't mind me saying that pressed duck is a dish where the first step in the preparation is strangling a duck.

Look, I warned you. Don't complain to me if you're still reading.

The duck has to be strangled, as opposed to killed in the more usual ways that poultry is killed, because it is vitally important that none of the blood leaves the body - again, contrary to the usual method of preparation for poultry.

The duck is then roasted lightly. The internal organs are removed and the liver ground up to form the base of a sauce. The remainder of the duck is then placed in a duck press, which is a specially designed implement to squeeze the blood and other internal juices from the carcass. The blood is added to the liver and mixed with butter and cognac to make a sauce. The duck meat is added to the blood sauce to finish cooking.

Et voilà! Pressed duck!

If this description is not enough to make you stop reading, there are graphic photos of the process here.

Pressed duck is the signature dish of La Tour D'Argent, possibly the most prestigious restaurant in Paris.

2019-06-23 Rerun commentary: Although I like duck, I've never had pressed duck. And I'm not really sure I want to.

The background here is once again Rome, standing in for Paris. It's a photo of Piazza Navona I took in 2001:

Piazza Navona

I've mirrored the photo in panels 1 and 3 to provide different perspective angles on the buildings. I think this photo works pretty well as a street background. It's also used in the last two panels of #1490 (which is actually set in Rome).

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