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<   No. 1939   2008-05-18   >

Comic #1939

1 Quarantine Officer: Right. We've rounded up 14 red-bellied red snakes, 6 black-bellied black snakes, and 9 green-all-over snakes.
2 Steve: What about the two giant Peruvian mountain anacondas?
3 Quarantine Officer: Don't be ridiculous. There's no such snake.
4 Aircraft Technician 1: Does this look like bite marks on this engine?
4 Aircraft Technician 2: Don't be ridiculous. Nothing has a bite that big.

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Lego vehicles tend to be scaled strangely compared to the Lego minifigures. Of course the reason is that, to accurate scale, a four-engined jet airliner such as the one shown here would end up approximately 1.7 metres long, with a wingspan 1.45 metres long. This actual plane model is a much more handleable 0.53m long by 0.42m wide, or slightly less than a third of the true scale size.

The effect of this is obvious with the jet engines, which are not much bigger than a human here, but are considerably bigger in real life.

I'm amused though by the idea of a jet engine mechanic lying on his back to work on the engine.

Apropos of nothing else than a tenuous link to the relative sizes of things, and the fact that I just stumbled across this website while halfway through writing this annotation, this is actually a very cool site for visualising large numbers.

2019-02-24 Rerun commentary: The original link above seems to have been taken over by some sort of advertising spam site, so I've replaced it with a new link which seems to have a mirror of the original site. It's the Mega-Penny Project, in case the new link ever goes bad as well, and you want to look it up yourself.

And on the comic: It seems they've neglected to raise the jet up on a jack so they can truly get underneath the engines.

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