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<   No. 1933   2008-05-12   >

Comic #1933

1 Dwalin: Luik, laddy, there's nae rilly a sikkrit dwarven kingdom... {translation: Look, sir, there's not really a secret dwarven kingdom...}
2 Villager: Now why would dwarves build a secret kingdom in the Orcrift Mountains?
3 Mordekai: Probably on account of the rich veins of gold and gems.
4 Dwalin: Oh fer cryin' oot lood... {translation: Oh for crying out loud...}

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Now what would you think if a dwarf told you there wasn't really a secret dwarven kingdom in the nearby mountains?

2019-02-03 Rerun commentary: If you're running a roleplaying game, this is a great way to get player characters interested in something. Have some NPCs deny that the thing even exists, for no apparent reason. Guaranteed, the PCs will want to know more about it.

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