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<   No. 1901   2008-04-10   >

Comic #1901

1 Adam: So, Charon, do you get a lot of work these days?
2 Charon: There was more back in the days of Ancient Greece. Mostly these days it's ferrying various Deaths back and forth on assignments.
3 Charon: Except one time recently a couple of Romans found their way down here in a fevered dream. They had no clue whatsoever. Kept asking stupid questions.
4 Adam: So they were a freight worse than Death?

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Charon refers back to this episode and subsequent strips.

2018-11-26 Rerun commentary: I was looking carefully at this strip just now trying to think about something to talk about here, when I noticed a typo! In panel 2, Charon said "back and forth on assigments." The error was also in the text transcript.

I'v fixed both the comic image and the transcript now, of course. But it's amazing that this typo survived for over 10 years without anybody noticing (or at least without anyone telling me about it).

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