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<   No. 1899   2008-04-08   >

Comic #1899

1 [caption]: Glasgow International Airport: {Plane approaching runway}
1 [sound]: sssshhhheeeoooo...
2 [sound]: {It touches down...} SCREEEEEEEEECH!!!!
3 [sound]: {... and takes off again} ROOAAAARRR!
4 Air Traffic Controller: HL16! Why did you abort the landing?! Is something wrong?!
4 Steve: Crikey! No, that was fun! I wanted another go!

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I was astonished when I watched MythBusters last week (as I type this), and they tested the myth that an unskilled passenger can be talked through landing a commercial plane. I was astounded when they actually succeeded in doing so (in a simulator). I figured that landing a plane is so complicated that you couldn't successfully be told how to do it at the time by someone on the ground. But no, apparently it's not so difficult that this is impossible.

When Jamie managed to land the (simulated) plane, I thought, "Okay, but that's Jamie. The real test will be if Adam can do it." Lo and behold, he did it.

I figure if Adam can do it, Steve is in with a pretty good shot.

2018-11-24 Rerun commentary: The smoke effect from the screeching tyres in panel 2 looks a bit terrible to my eyes now.

I've been on a commercial flight that aborted a landing. It was from Tokyo to Sydney, and we were almost on the ground when suddenly the plane began climbing steeply again. Everyone was looking around the cabin, but there was no announcement from the flight crew for what felt like 2 or 3 minutes, after climbing back to a significant altitude again. Then they announced that the control tower had instructed them to abort the landing because a routine runway inspection had found some debris on the runway. We did a big circle and landed soon after on a different runway.

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