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<   No. 187   2003-07-31   >

Comic #187

1 [caption]: The Spanish Main 1652 {A pirate ship with sails unfurled}
2 {The ship executes a slow and precise turn}
6 Dirque: No, Cap'n! Starboard be to the right!
6 Long Tom: Arrrrr!

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Several people commented that they didn't really understand the original version of this strip, so I have replaced it with a new version that might make things a bit clearer.

This is the original version:

I hadn't intended the panels to form any particular sequence. In my mind they were just different camera angles, rather than a narrative. But some people interpreted them as a sequence showing the ship turning right, which just confused things with regards to the punchline. So I've rearranged the panels and added sequence arrows to make it look like the ship is turning to the left.

2012-06-04 Rerun commentary: Ah, the first appearance of the pirate ship on the ocean! The "ocean" is actually blue towel The towel I used was old and not particularly flat - the edges had shrunk or the middle stretched or something - thus the "ripple" effect you can see in some of the shots where I couldn't get the towel to actually sit flat on the ground.

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