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<   No. 1859   2008-02-28   >

Comic #1859

1 {scene: Paris from the air, sparkling in the sunshine}
1 Minnesota Jones: {flying the plane over the city} Ah, Paris! I was here last time during the Great War.
2 Minnesota Jones: Those were the days. An indefinable mixture of tension and thrill. I remember dealing with the Resistance.
3 Monty: What? A French Resistance during the Great War?
3 Minnesota Jones: Oh yes, but Gabrielle gave in eventually.

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The French Resistance was a series of underground resistance movements arrayed against the occupying Nazi forces within France during World War II.

The French population weren't exactly the cowardly pushovers they are often lampooned as in irreverent humour.

2018-10-15 Rerun commentary: No irreverent humour to be seen in this comic, no sirree!

The good thing about Paris is that it has resisted the building of skyscrapers near the city centre, so you can use modern photos like this as historical backgrounds without too much unbelievability. People very familiar with Paris might notice specific buildings that didn't exist in the 1930s, but most people won't.

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