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<   No. 1783   2007-12-14   >

Comic #1783

1 Terry: Glasgow air traffic control, this is HL16 en route from Singapore. We require emergency landing clearance on arrival.
2 Air Traffic Control: Roger HL16. Emergency crews will be ready. What's your situation?
2 Steve: Finally!
3 Terry: Both pilots are unconscious from snake bites and we still have snakes loose on board.
4 Air Traffic Control: Snakes on a plane? You expect us to believe something that far fetched?
4 Terry: But it's true!
4 Air Traffic Control: It doesn't even rhyme!

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What were they thinking when they made that movie?

2018-07-31 Rerun commentary: I wonder how often an air traffic controller has simply refused to believe the nature of an emergency reported by a pilot. I guess not often as, realistically, aircraft emergencies don't happen that often, and no doubt the ATCs are trained to treat everything seriously.

Or what is the weirdest emergency that has ever happened on a commercial flight? Some of the ones in this list are pretty weird.

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