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<   No. 1772   2007-12-03   >

Comic #1772

1 Lambert: <groan>... Oh, I feel terrible. {gets up}
1 Alvissa: Lambert! You're safe now. What happened?
2 Lambert: I got separated from the party in the tunnels. Then I met that Gollum creature again. He... wait... Where's my ring?! He took my ring!
3 Alvissa: He took it the previous time, remember? But don't worry. I bumped into him too and got it back for you.
4 Lambert: You have my ring? Hmmm. Did anyone else see Alvissa meet Gollum?
4 Alvissa: What are you implying?!

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Oh my. Did anyone else see Alvissa and Gollum together? Ever?

2018-07-20 Rerun commentary: Although I'm pretty happy with the lighting effect for the glow from Kyros's orb, unfortunately it doesn't throw realistic shadows, as it's an effect added in Photoshop to the two-dimensional photo, and so there's no taking account of the three dimensional structure of the scene. In particular here, in the last panel, you can see that Mordekai is more illuminated on the right side, away from the orb, than on the side facing the orb.

It would be possible to do something about this, if one took a very long time to adjust the brightness of different parts of the scene, but it's really not worth the effort.

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