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<   No. 1744   2007-11-05   >

Comic #1744

1 [caption]: Announcements you really won't want to hear:
1 Purser: {over plane's PA system} Attention ladies and gentleman, this is your purser speaking. Everything is perfectly normal and there's nothing to worry about. However, if any people with any of the following skills are on board, please identify yourself to our crew: medical skills, wild animal catching skills, aircraft engineering, and anyone who knows how to land a Boeing 767.

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How do they land commercial planes if both the pilot and co-pilot are incapacitated? Surely it must happen occasionally.

2018-06-22 Rerun commentary: Wikipedia says that there have been a few instances of small aircraft being landed by non-pilots in emergency situations when the pilot was incapacitated, averaging one every few years. However, there is no recorded instance of a large commercial aircraft landing with both pilot and co-pilot incapacitated. Now I'm wondering if this is because there has never been a case of both pilot and co-pilot being incapacitated (in a way that leaves the rest of the crew and passengers alive and conscious, that is), or if in the cases where this has happened the plane simply crashed without anyone else having the chance to try to land it. The Internet seems oddly silent on this pressing question.

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