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<   No. 1725   2007-10-17   >

Comic #1725

1 {scene: The Secret Dwarven Passage below the Orcrift Mountains. The gloom is lit by Kyros' orb.}
1 Mordekai: How are we going to find Alvissa?
1 Draak: Draak smell elf.
1 Mordekai: Oh, what do they smell like?
2 Draak: Like scent of warm sun on still pool in woods near lots blooms of spring.
3 Draak: Like soft fall of leaf on bed of pine where moss grow in cool shade of tree.
4 Draak: Like buzz of bee full of...
4 Mordekai: Okay, okay! We get the picture.
4 Draak: You should try bath too.

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I only added Draak's last line at the last second as I was putting the finishing touches on this strip. I originally thought it was funny enough just with Draak describing how lovely elves smell in poetic terms, and Mordekai getting sick of it. But then I realised it could use a bit more punch.

2018-05-23 Rerun commentary: I deliberately cut off Draak's second last line there, because the most obvious words to come next would be either "nectar", "honey", or possibly "pollen", all of which have two syllables. Naturally, Draak can't say any of these words, so you're left to wonder how he would have completed this sentence.

Do you notice how the shaft of Draak's club is slightly bent - most noticeable in panel 3? It used to be straight, but got bent at one point after a disaster involving a drop onto the floor. Being painted metal, I didn't want to bend it back lest it crack the paint and/or weaken the metal. So it remains slightly bent to this day.

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