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<   No. 1711   2007-10-03   >

Comic #1711

1 Me: Every year, people ask me if I'm doing anything special for 19 September: Talk Like a Pirate Day. Starting from around the beginning of September.
2 Me: Of course, by that time I already have a buffer full of completed comics stretching right into October. So it's too late.
3 Me: But all is not lost. Several weeks ahead of time, I present a strip specially made in celebration of another very special date. Please enjoy it.
4 {scene change: The planet Kashyyyk.}
4 Luke: {to Chewbacca and Han} Gosh, this has sure been a swell Christma... er, Life Day.

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19 September was Talk Like A Pirate Day. But as this comic suggests, I'd forgotten all about it until the beginning of September, when someone reminded me. By which time I'd already made and queued up comics as far as today (which by my calculations should be 3 October).

So there was no pirate-themed comic on 19 September.

But I'm well in advance for the joyous celebration we all know and love, Life Day!

2018-04-21 Rerun commentary: Hmmm, I'm trying to remember what that T-shirt I'm wearing is. It's one I threw out years ago because it was getting too worn out. There's a hint of a word in the first panel, but not enough to spark my memory of what was printed on the front.

Life Day is of course everyone's favourite space holiday.

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