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<   No. 1633   2007-07-17   >

Comic #1633

1 Monty: There's some trick, right? "All roads lead to Rome," so it doesn't matter which one we take?
2 Minnesota Jones: Don't be so naïve, boy! That much is obvious! The real question is how best to avoid entanglements with the carabinieri along the way.
3 Monty: But... carabinieri didn't exist in da Vinci's time!
4 Minnesota Jones: Did you or did you not point out that it was a trick question?

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The Carabinieri are Italy's national military police force, and operate widely throughout the country as one of several police forces. They perform security and public order operations, as well as counter-terrorism, paramilitary special operations, and forensic crime investigation, and may also be sent overseas on peacekeeping and humanitarian missions. They are distinct from the civilian Polizia di Stato, which handles more routine law enforcement.

The Carabinieri are an example of a gendarmerie, a military force charged with civilian law enforcement. Such forces are relatively common in southern Europe, and many exist in Africa.

2017-10-21 Rerun commentary: The thing that I most instantly associate with the Carabinieri is... machine guns. Coming from a country where such things are never seen on the streets, it's rather confronting to visit a country where the police force is armed with highly visible automatic weapons.

On another topic, I really should have rotated those flames in the background between each panel to give them the illusion of flickering motion. That would have been cool.

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