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<   No. 162   2003-07-06   >

Comic #162

1 Hitler's Brain: Erwin!
2 Erwin: Jawohl, mein Führer?
2 Hitler's Brain: How goes the invasion of Poland?
3 Erwin: Die Luftwaffe und die Panzer divisions are meeting resistance, mein Führer! Die Poles are fighting back!
3 Hitler's Brain: Waß?! We can't have that!
4 Hitler's Brain: Invade France!!!
4 Erwin: Jawohl!

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I never said Irregular Webcomic! was politically correct. If this offends you, you probably shouldn't be reading this comic. Personally, I respect anyone who stood between the Third Reich and the rest of the world. But I believe you can still poke fun at things you respect. So there.

Oh, and several million nerd points if you thought I was setting up a "dipole" joke in the third panel.

2012-05-05 Rerun commentary: I'd forgotten I had Erwin speaking in that weird Gothic font in these early strips. I believe it's a font called Frankenstein.

I sure hope it doesn't last too long. I used a few weird fonts early on in the strip, but found that they needed to be considerably larger than Arial in order to be legible, so they restricted the amount of dialogue I could write even more severely. I'm glad I gave them up for everyone except Draak (who never had that much to say).

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