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<   No. 1553   2007-04-28   >

Comic #1553

1 Minnesota Jones: {leading the way through the Vatican} The library is this way.
1 Monty: I suppose you've been here before?
2 Minnesota Jones: I helped Leo XIII catalogue part of the Vatican antiquities collection.
2 Monty: Of course you did...
3 Minnesota Jones: I snuck out one or two pieces for myself.
4 Prof. Jones: Oooh. Anything good?
4 Minnesota Jones: Remember that silver platter we used to serve Sunday dinner on?

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Pope Leo XIII was the 28th Pope of the Catholic Church. He was Pope from 1878 to 1903, making him the third longest reigning Pope, after his immediate predecessor Pius IX (1846-1878) and the more recent Pope John Paul II (1978-2005).

I don't know if he catalogued the stuff in the Vatican Museums, but I know if I was puttering around the Vatican for 25 years, I'd want to have a good look through all the stuff that's been collected over the previous 1800-odd years.

2017-04-16 Rerun commentary: Looking at this again for the rerun, at first I thought that was a typo for 28th Pope. But no, Leo XIII was indeed the 28th - or 256th - Pope.[1]

[1] As officially counted, thus excluding the Antipopes.[2] See also Sedevacantism, for more fun disagreement on the legitimacy of various Popes.

[2] I always wondered if a Pope met an Antipope, would they mutually disintegrate in a burst of gamma radiation? EDIT: Reader Steve M. writes: "They annihilate and emit two lutherons."

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