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<   No. 1512   2007-03-18   >

Comic #1512

1 [caption]: Meanwhile, at the Imperial Stormtrooper Training Academy:
1 Administrator 1: Too many students are failing our strict marksmanship accuracy qualifications. The Emperor demands action!
2 Administrator 2: Well, we could raise the training standards, but on our salaries...
3 Administrator 3: How about we lower the passing score?
4 Administrator 1: Oooh! Good idea! I doubt anyone will even notice. Yeah, nice thinking. What possible consequence could that ever have? Let's do it!

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If you ever wonder about the eventual outcome of the modern trend of making sure children don't fail high school by making the passing grades low enough that they can all manage to scrape through, now you know. Someone, somewhere, decided that having kids fail looked bad, so to boost the statistics they lowered the standard rather than giving the teachers the resources and remuneration they deserve.

It's leading our society to a state where a rag-tag band of rebel scum can defy the might of the Empire and overthrow all that we hold dear!

2017-01-14 Rerun commentary: TV Tropes actually has an article titled Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy. So close... if only they'd changed one word they could have had a perfect match for this strip.

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