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<   No. 1510   2007-03-16   >

Comic #1510Comic #1510

1 Me: If you saw a webcomic with a missing last panel and a button saying "Press me"...
2 Me: ... you might suspect it was some sort of newfangled interactive comic.
3 Me: And that clicking the button would reveal a really clever joke in the last panel that relies on concealment for humorous impact.
4 {a mysterious button, saying "Press Me". When pressed, it reveals Me saying: But you'd be wrong.}

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JavaScript is required for the full effect of this one, I'm afraid.

People don't complain when I make an obscure physics joke that maybe 1% of the readers will even understand, but I bet I get complaints about the (tiny) JavaScript requirement of this one, that 95% of readers will have no problem with. :-)

Anyway, yeah, this is more experimental exploration of the webcomic medium. So that makes it cool and hip, okay? Even if Eric Burns has been ignoring me for the past few months. ;-)

2017-01-08 Rerun commentary: Wow, this is pretty old hat compared to the sorts of weird things some other webcomics get up to nowadays. But it was revolutionary for its time, trust me!

Also: My desk was a mess back then.

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