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<   No. 1509   2007-03-15   >

Comic #1509

1 Martian 1: Right. We have an active agent in the most powerful government on Earth.
2 Martian 1: For more complete control, we also need an agent in the most economically advanced and influential nation.
3 Martian 2: Say no more.
4 Nigerian Finance Minister: Hello? Nigerian Finance Minister speaking.

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Ah, the good old Nigerian Finance Minister. When last we saw him, I was using Lego basketballer arms for him and digitally recolouring the bare brown arms black to match his suit each time, because I didn't have any brown hands. Or so I thought! A reader pointed out that Minnesota Jones was wearing gloves, of the same brown colour used for dark skin. And lo, I had a spare Minnesota Jones figure, so I did a hand transplant on to black sleeves, and for the first time ever we finally have a Nigerian Finance Minister who needs no digital colour correction in post-processing!

2017-01-07 Rerun commentary: I like how the Martians apparently have a VHS tape drive on their table of high-tech gadgets. They're in trouble if they need to replace it in the future, since production of new VHS players finally ended in July 2016.

Believe it or not: You know how some people are returning to the obsolete vinyl record format for audio? There are some people who actively seek out VHS movies, claiming that the glitchiness and poor image quality makes some movies better.

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