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<   No. 1507   2007-03-13   >

Comic #1507

1 Dirque: {in the crows nest} Sail off the port bow!
2 Long Tom: {from the helm} What flag be she flyin'?!
3 Dirque: Spanish! It be the merchantman Anatotitan!
4 Long Tom: Arrr! Close for a broadside! She be easy meat for the Allosaurus!

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Anatotitan was a large hadrosaur of the late Cretaceous period.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

What anachronism will generate more comment from nitpicky readers?

  1. That Allosaurus, after which the pirate ship is named, is a late Jurassic dinosaur, and so therefore could not have preyed on Anatotitan at all.
  2. That these 16th century ships are named after dinosaurs in the first place.

2017-01-01 Rerun commentary: Or, as forum reader William the Marshal puts it:
What bothers me about this one is the annotation. DMM refers to the Allosaurus and Anatotitan as 16th-century ships, when clearly this theme is set in the seventeenth century. The ships we have seen are armed with cannon and their crews have personal firearms that appear to be a type not seen until the 1600s. Furthermore, Port Royal is clearly a British possession, and the British did not take Jamaica from the Spanish until 1655. In the 16th century, British presence in the Caribbean was relatively minimal, and cannon-armed sailing ships had not developed to the extent seen in the comic. This glaring error in the supposedly factual and self-critical annotation is to me far more egregious than any anachronisms in the actual comic, which makes no pretenses to hyper-realism.

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