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<   No. 1465   2007-01-30   >

Comic #1465

1 {scene: the phone conversation between Jane Goodall in her office in Africa, and Terry in the airport in Kathmandu}
1 Jane Goodall: Terry, your best bet is to contact the yeti.
1 Terry: But... they're a myth!
2 Jane Goodall: Are you questioning the word of the world's foremost primate researcher?
2 Terry: Er... no... but...
3 Jane Goodall: I'll e-mail the GPS coordinates. Tell them I sent you. "Dame Jane Goodall."
4 Terry: "Dame Jane Goodall..."
4 Jane Goodall: And don't you forget it.

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As mentioned earlier, Jane Goodall is a Dame of the British Empire, the female equivalent of a knighthood.

When I saw the real Jane Goodall speak, the MC introduced her as "Dame Jane Goodall", to which she looked profoundly embarrassed and humble.

Dr Goodall has made public statements on the yeti, as well as Bigfoot, during an interview on National Public Radio in the USA on 27 September, 2002. She stated that she is something of a romantic and would like them to exist, and holds a belief that they exist. Naturally, this has been blown out of all proportion by supporters of the existence of such creatures, most tellingly in the fact that the easiest place to find out about Dr Goodall's statements is on sites such as The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organisation. A scientist holding a belief or romantic hope in something is not the same as evidence for it. Scientists are people too, and can have hopes and dreams and unfounded beliefs that may be either true or false.

Of course, maybe she really does know something that the rest of us don't...

2016-09-28 Rerun commentary: GPS here stands for Giant Primate System.

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