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<   No. 1394   2006-11-20   >

Comic #1394

1 Steve: I've booked us a flight to Nepal to look for the yeti.
2 Terry: Nepal is a mysterious land of many legends. Some equate it and neighbouring Tibet to the fabled Plateau of Leng.
3 Terry: There could be all sorts of Cthulhu Mythos entities lurking there, ready to suck the sanity from any mortal who dares intrude.
4 Steve: Crikey! Sounds bonza!

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H. P. Lovecraft made several mentions of the Plateau of Leng in his Cthulhu mythos stories, but was inconsistent when it came to defining its location. The plateaus of central Asia are but one of the places mentioned.

2016-06-21 Rerun commentary: Of course we all know that plateaus are the highest form of flattery.

(I can't claim credit for that one - I saw it online somewhere. A quick search shows many hits for it.)

A Tibetan yak walks into a bar. The barman says, "Why the Leng face?"

Of course H. P. Lovecraft was known for his inability to write works as substantial as traditional novels. He preferred to make a Leng story short.

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