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<   No. 1336   2006-09-23   >

Comic #1336

1 {in the background, long red and black shapes can be seen aproaching the cameraman}
2 Adam: Hmmm. We'll need living brains with no body... I don't know how we'll get access to...
2 {in the background the red and black shapes slither menacingly}
3 {close up of Head Death's grinning skull}
4 Adam: Never mind.
4 Cameraman: {noticing the shapes near him and thinking to himself} Snakes? On an infinite featureless plane?

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As I write this, Snakes on a Plane opened in the cinemas just a couple of days ago. I was shocked to learn this earlier in the week, because I'd seen and heard so much about this movie that I assumed it had been in the cinemas last year sometime and was probably due for DVD release by now.

I just hope it hasn't been completely forgotten by the time this comic shows up...

2016-04-01 Rerun commentary: If you're ever in Cumbria, make sure you see the lakes on a plain.

If you eat cuts of beef with corn, it'd be steaks on a grain.

Somene threw a rock at my window, now it's breaks on a pane.

I have a real sweet tooth. Cakes on the brain.

A friend and I once got into an argument over who wrote Wuthering Heights. I said it was Emily Brontë, but my friend insisted it was by the same author as Pride and Prejudice. In the end we settled it with a bet: he put stakes on a Jane.

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