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<   No. 130   2003-06-04   >

Comic #130

1 Stormtrooper: {busily guarding his speeder bike} Dum te-dum...
2 {An Ewok sneaks up behind him}
3 {The Ewok sucessfully steals the bike}
3 Stormtrooper: Hey! {firing wildly}
3 [sound]: Zooom!
4 [sound]: Zooom!
5 Ewok: {hanging off the bike} Waheeaaah!
5 [sound]: Zooom!
6 Stormtrooper: Oh man. Why couldn't they have sent us to that Wookiee planet instead? being outsmarted by them wouldn't be half as embarrassing.

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Obviously with this strip and #127 I'm experimenting with different panel layouts and fitting in more images at the expense of dialogue.

Often when I'm taking the photos for a strip, I shoot more than just the final four pictures, and end up discarding the ones I don't like so much. There's retakes that are often very similar to an existing shot, but sometimes I end up with five or six photos all taken from different angles or showing different action.

In these two cases I ended up with six shots that I really liked, and didn't want to cut any of them from the strip. Since the dialogue was minimal, I used them all. There'll probably be more like this in future.

2012-03-29 Rerun commentary: Heh, that idea of using more photos a lot more in the future didn't really work out, did it? While the odd strip used more than the usual for panels, the vast majority of IWC strips ended up being the standard four-panel layout. Even after I moved from a fixed rectangular size to a more flexible system that allowed me to use differently sized images.

(At this point in the comic's run, the comic image size was hard-coded to a fixed 730×260 pixels. I increased the standard size a bit later on, and added the capability to use any size I wanted to.)

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