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<   No. 1291   2006-08-09   >

Comic #1291

1 {scene: Erwin and Colonel Haken are marching the Joneses and Sallah from their cell, through the Berlin prison corridors}
1 Monty: I can't believe it. We're on our way to be executed by Nazis.
2 Prof. Jones: It could be worse, Junior.
2 Monty: Worse?!
3 Monty: We're going to die, dad! How can it possibly be any worse than that?! Aaargh!!
4 Monty: {stops and raises hands to his face} I'm seeing my life flash before my eyes!
4 Prof. Jones: See, there you go.

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I always wondered about that life flashing before your eyes thing. Is it in hyper-fast motion or what? How else do they fit it all in?

I pondered a few alternative punchlines for this, with Prof. Jones saying things ranging from, "See, like that," to "See, I told you so." But in the end I stuck with what I originally wrote. Sometimes the first line that comes into your head is just the best.

And since I know people are going to ask: The statute of limitations on hobbit puns is at least 100 strips, not exactly 100...

2016-01-29 Rerun commentary: Being the 1930s, it's probably flashing before his eyes in grainy black and white, too.

Sometimes I think that if we brought someone from the past - say the medieval period, or Ancient Rome - to the present, they wouldn't immediately be bamboozled by our modern technology. Because they wouldn't understand it enough to realise how boggling it is at first sight. I think perhaps the very first thing they'll be amazed by in our world is how colourful it is - with bright, primary coloured things all over the place.

(They would have had a few things which were brightly coloured, of course, but they wouldn't have been anywhere as ubiquitous as in our society of plastics and advertising and display screens.)

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