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<   No. 1284   2006-08-02   >

Comic #1284

1 {scene: The office, the next day. Loren has shown up in a new outfit, a pink top with red decoration and piping and red skirt.}
1 Loren: Ophelia! Do you think Shakespeare will like this? Come with me! Does he like red? I'm so nervous!
1 Ophelia: Um, I don't know...
2 Loren: Oh, please Ophelia? You know him, he's comfortable around you. I could really use the help.
2 Ophelia: Erm...
3 Ophelia: Say, Loren... What do you think of Harry Potter?
3 Loren: Who?
4 Ophelia: {standing up} Right. Let's go see Will.

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I think this is the first time I've ever had a character change clothes. If I'm wrong, I'm sure some obsessive reader will let me know on the forums.

2016-01-19 Rerun commentary: I can't remember exactly what I thought Mercutio was doing in the fourth panel there. He's clearly interacting with someone or something. Unless he likes throwing his hand in the air when overhearing a conversation between other people.

Or maybe he's watching a particularly hilarious cat video on his computer.

This particular strip fails the Bechdel test quite handily, by the way.

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