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<   No. 1269   2006-07-18   >

Comic #1269

1 {scene: The Axis of Antagonists' secret hideout.}
1 Aqualich: I wonder if the League of Good Guys are on our trail.
1 Sea Dog: Arrr! Let's be tryin' the TV.
1 Aqualich: You fool! Do you know how unlikely it is to turn on the TV and stumble across a story about us?!
1 {In the background, The Hippo flicks on the TV to a scene from the press conference, where Captain Spatula is yelling at the press.}
1 The Bug: {also in the background, in a corner, hacking on a computer with a can of soft drink in hand} {thinking} There's a human in my code...

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More great artwork provided by Dean Stahl of Steelhorse Studios. Dean's latest comic, I Carry a Gun, is now available for pre-order from Dean's website. And so you know what you're getting, there's a free downloadable preview as well. Show your support for the Supers artwork and check it out!

When I submitted this script to Dean for drawing, I didn't specify anything about The Bug other than that he should probably be visible somewhere in the background. Putting him on a computer was sensible (since he's a computer expert, after all), and from there it just made sense to put some thoughts into his head.

2015-12-29 Rerun commentary: Ah, the Coincidental Broadcast!

On the TV is the scene from the press conference in the previous strip in this story. (In case it was a bit too long ago to remember clearly.)

I wonder what sort of soft drink a giant cockroach would drink? Probably anything with sugar, I guess.

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