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<   No. 1236   2006-06-15   >

Comic #1236

1 {scene: Back in Footcrag...}
1 Villager: Remember when that army o' hobbit fire wizards raided t' village?
2 Farmer: Aye, backed up by a legion o' elven warrior maidens. They stole all my food and horses.
3 Villager: And what about t' horde o' berserker lizard men?
4 Farmer: Forty feet tall and roaring like dragons, they were!
4 Villager: Really? They seemed taller...

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I figured that since last time the fantasy guys left a village we checked back to see how the villagers were doing, we should do the same for Footcrag.

2015-11-13 Rerun commentary: If you're wondering why there's no reference to a cadre of wily thieves lovable rogues who stole into the village houses by night and looted them of all their goods, it's because clearly the rogues were so wily that nobody noticed them.

Now, we can all see that the farmer on the right is armed with a pitchfork. But the other guy appears to be armed with a rounders bat.

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