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<   No. 122   2003-05-27   >

Comic #122

1 Haken: Thank you for resurrecting me, mein Führer.
1 Hitler's Brain: Where is the grail?
2 Haken: An archaeologist named Herr Doktor Jones has it. I will track him down like a dog and retrieve the Grail!
3 Hitler's Brain: Wunderbar! With it, the armies of the Third Reich will be unstoppable!
4 Haken: So, if they're not unstoppable already, how come you're invading Poland?

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2012-03-20 Rerun commentary: The giant swastika in the background is made of LEGO bricks. In fact, it got made once, and never disassembled! It's still sitting in one piece in my box of semi-permanently assembled IWC props.

I chose to make the wall behind the swastika red, to echo the red background of the Nazi flag. It's actually a red clipboard, inside which I stored other IWC props, such as the cardboard Harry Potter sets and the hex-tiled dungeons floors and walls seen in the Fantasy theme.

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