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<   No. 1204   2006-05-14   >

Comic #1204

1 Alvissa: We're out of supplies and need to cross the Orcrift Mountains. Is there any way you can help us, Dwalin?
2 Dwalin: I cannae, Alvissa. Ye ken oor races bear the Five-Thoosand Year Groodge. I suggest ye try the nearby human town of Footcrag. {translation: I can't, Alvissa. You know our races bear the Five-Thousand Year Grudge. I suggest you try the nearby human town of Footcrag.}
3 Alvissa: That's probably not the best idea...
4 Lambert: Yeah. Their grudge against us is a lot more recent.

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Now we get a close-up of Dwalin. I'm quite proud of the paint job on this little guy, actually.

If you're having trouble understanding Dwalin's accent, there's translated subtitles in the vision-impaired setting. Just turn it on with the link in the navbox.

2015-09-29 Rerun commentary: It's interesting that Dwalin says he can't help them. And then immediately offers them helpful advice!* I guess it just goes to show that beneath his gruff exterior he's really an old softie at heart.

It's also interesting that Dwalin wears a ring over his glove, rather than underneath it, as most people usually do. One supposes it might be a magical ring which can increase in size to fit over a huge leather gauntlet and sit snugly without falling off.

* Or at least what he has no reason to believe is bad advice, given his current state of knowledge.

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