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<   No. 1196   2006-05-06   >

Comic #1196

1 Vader: When I left you, I was but the learner; now I am the master.
1 Obi-Wan: Only a master of evil.
2 Vader: Oh, may I remind you...?
3 {in flashback, four mini-panels showing strip #1125}
3 {1 Obi-Wan: It's over Anakin! I have the high ground.}
3 {1 Anakin: You underestimate my power!}
3 {2 [sound]: Whooom! Sliiice! {Anakin attempts to leap over Obi-Wan, who slices his arms and legs off with his lightsabre}}
3 {3 Obi-Wan: And now you haven't a leg to stand on. {Bob was there, too.}}
3 {4 Anakin: You and your damned aphorisms!}
3 {4 Obi-Wan: Actually they were just cutting remarks.}
4 Vader: Now who's the evil one?
4 Obi-Wan: Yes... I'd forgotten you were mostly 'armless.

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I could write a lot about this particular strip. Vader is alluding to the events of #1125, which is reproduced for your reading pleasure as a flashback in its entirety in the space of a single panel here. The neat thing about this is that it meshes so well with the dialogue in the first panel (taken directly from the script of Star Wars Episode IV), since this was actually the last time Vader (then Anakin) and Obi-Wan saw each other.

I originally just shrank #1125 to half size to fit it into the required space here. The dialogue was just legible, but I figured it was mostly because I knew exactly what it said. Most readers, not having perfect recall, probably wouldn't have been able to figure it out so easily. So I redid the dialogue at a slightly larger size from scratch. If you have decent eyesight, I think it should be legible now. If not, you can always go back and read the original strip, or turn on the vision-impaired option.

The mesh pieces behind Vader and Obi-Wan are some cool LEGO pieces that I got from the TIE Interceptor Ultimate Collector Series model, which is probably the most awesomely cool LEGO set I own. I've wanted to use them in a comic for some time, and they finally get their chance.

2015-09-18 Rerun commentary: I ended up using those mesh pieces quite a bit later on. I'm pretty sure they show up in the engine room of the Legacy over in the Space theme, for example.

What would be really cool is LEGO pieces with hexagonal mesh. Then you could make the USS Enterprise engineering section.

Oh and Bob was there, too.

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