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<   No. 1124   2006-02-23   >

Comic #1124

1 Farmer: Four horses, 100 pounds of wheat, 20 of salted meat, 20 of dried apples, 20 of beans, 20 of hardtack. Is that the lot?
2 Alvissa: Yes, thanks. How much do I owe...
3 Villager: {appearing in a hurry from the town} Jakob! There's an angry mob forming at the tavern! Hurry!
3 Farmer: Told you the pitchfork comes in handy! {races off with the other villager}
4 Alvissa: <sigh>

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I did some research to find out what sort of food a group of travellers would be likely to carry on a quest, assuming they are expecting to have time to set up a camp and cook each night.

I initially gave them flour, but discovered that Roman legions actually carried whole grain and ground it while in camp so that they could make bread. Which makes more sense, as it keeps better that way. Salt is also important, so I switched my original dried meat to salted meat. I figured as an elf, Alvissa would want fruit, even though I didn't find any precedent for that. And since Footcrag is an apple-growing town, apples made the most sense. Beans are the stereotypical cowboy food, for good reason as they are easy to cook, healthy, and dry so you don't have to carry around a lot of moisture. And hardtack is a pre-made dry bread-like substance (sort of like Tolkien's lembas), which you can eat if all else fails and you can't make camp or cook for some reason.

2015-06-09 Rerun commentary: Thinking about it now, I guess Alvissa would also probably be able to find nuts and berries and other elven stuff like that. AT least if they were travelling near a forest, anyway.

I now have visions of them using all that wheat and apples to make strudel every night at camp.

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