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<   No. 1071   2006-01-01   >

Comic #1071

1 {scene: A compartment on the train to Moscow. Monty and his grandfather sit on seat facing Dr Smith and Professor Jones.}
1 Monty: {to self} I can't believe we're on a train to Moscow, accompanied by a Russian agent.
2 Ginny: {standing} Excuse me for a moment, gentlemen. I need to go talk to the guard. {leaves the compartment}
3 Monty: What a fine mess we're in this time.
3 Prof. Jones: I'll say, Junior.
4 Prof. Jones: The dining car is right up the far end of the train!

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I like the brown tones in this.

There's always something romantic about long distance train travel.

2015-04-01 Rerun commentary: One time I took a train trip from Venice to Paris with my wife. Very romantic. Except the air conditioning wasn't working and it was about 30°C inside. And we boarded the train without having eaten, planning to have dinner on board (it was an overnight service), and the power problems were also affecting the kitchen - so they couldn't cook anything, and there was nothing cold because the refrigerators weren't working. So it was warm salad for dinner, washed down with warm drinks.

We had a good laugh about it. Several years later.

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