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<   No. 1006   2005-10-28   >

Comic #1006

1 Monty: Damn, the orichalcum just isn't here in the room. She must have taken it with her.
2 Monty: I thought I had it all worked out.
3 Monty: {in despair} This is terrible. I... I just don't know what to do next.
4 Prof. Jones: {comfortingly} It's all right, Junior. This is a woman's room. I know you've never got this far before.

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This is a little out of character for Monty, but it's just so in character for Professor Jones...

2015-01-15 Rerun commentary: When searching a chest of drawers, there is a right way and a wrong way. The wrong way is to start at the top, open the top drawer, search through it for what you're looking for...

Then when you're done with the top drawer, check the next drawer down, closing the top drawer so you can access the second drawer. Look through there, then close it so you can open and search through the third drawer from the top. And so on down until you reach the bottom drawer.

This is a waste of time and effort. The right way to rifle through a chest of drawers is to start at the bottom. When you've searched the bottom drawer, you just open the next drawer up and search through that. And when done, continue opening each drawer, working your way upwards to the top drawer, which you search last.

This way you don't need to close any of the drawers, which can take a substantial amount of extra time, particularly if your searching has messed up the contents and made it harder to close the drawer.

If you ever take up the profession of burglar, these are the sorts of tips that you need to know.

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