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<   No. 10   2003-01-30   >

Comic #10

1 Lambert, Mordekai, Alvissa: Phew, it's finally dead!
2 Kyros: Careful! There may be more around.
3 Mordekai: Oh c'mon! How many dinosaur models can one person have?
4 Dinosaurs: {fully surrounding party} RAAARRRHH!

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2011-11-10 Rerun commentary: Yes, they killed the Allosaurus! Never mind, he comes right back to life again in panel 4, seen in the middle there.

Long time readers of this comic may suspect that I like dinosaurs. In fact that is only a selection of the dinosaur models I had in my home when I made the strip - I simply couldn't fit any more into the shot. Several of the models are from the LEGO Dinosaurs range (of which I naturally have the complete set, plus duplicates of some). Some of the models are the rather generic plastic/rubber type dinosaur models you can get in toy shops. Some are the more expensive high-quality models made by Schleich. The Allosaurus is actually a cheap one; the Tyrannosaurus who appears in a few strips later on is a Schleich.

I don't have a lot more dinosaurs than shown here though. I'm not some sort of crazy dinosaur guy who has every horizontal surface in the house covered with dinosaurs. I have no dinosaur posters. I don't have dinosaur prints on my bedspread. I don't eat off dinosaur patterned plates.

(I did, however, see Jurassic Park 3. Oops.)

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