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<   No. 782   2005-03-18   >

Comic #782

1 Man in Black: You're not Martians. There's no such thing as Martians.
2 Martian 1: Look man. Just help us find our saucer and we'll be out of here.
3 Martian 1: Then you can go around intimidating anyone you like into denying that we were ever here.
4 Man in Black: Why would I need to do that? You're not here.
4 Martian 2: Gotta admire his consistency.

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2014-04-29 Rerun commentary: The Martians are somewhat more restricted in their mobility and posability than a standard LEGO minifigure, but they do have the advantage that they can tilt their heads up or down. I used this a little to give them subtly different body language.

Though I'm not sure if Martians would have the same body language as humans.

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