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<   No. 556   2004-08-04   >

Comic #556

1 Haken: {entering the store room in the zeppelin} Come out Joneses! You can't hide forever! We land in Berlin in ten minutes and we'll have die SS searching everywhere!
2 Prof. Jones: {hiding behind a pile of crates and barrels} He's right, Junior. Our only chance is to give ourselves up. Those SS chaps are ruthless!
3 Monty: {emergin, hands up} All right Haken, you win. We surrender.
4 Haken: Sehr gut. Now I kill you. Die Führer wants you dead.
4 Monty: Oh, good one, dad.

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2013-08-08 Rerun commentary: Haken is not very good at this, is he? The only possible hiding place in the scene here is behind the wall of chests and barrels. One wonders why he doesn't just take a look around them.

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