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<   No. 385   2004-02-14   >

Comic #385

1 Martian 1: Morning.
1 Martian 2: Morning. Gosh, you look terrible.
2 Martian 1: Yeah. Not enough sleep.
3 Martian 2: Noisy neighbours?
4 Martian 1: Yeah. Bloody Mars Rover in the next crater wakes me up at the crack of dawn with weird Earth music every day.

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You can see just what music the Mars Rovers are playing here.

2013-01-21 Rerun commentary: Well, you used to be able to. The complete lists of wake-up songs used for the rovers Opportunity and Spirit are now listed here. And this more recent article lists some of the songs used for the latest rover, Curiosity. It also explains that the rovers have no sound reproduction facilities, and in fact the songs are simply played at Mission Control as each Martian day's work begins. You can even buy a mix of 40 Curiosity wake-up songs through iTunes.

Perfect for bothering any Martians who might be pestering you.

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