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<   No. 1994   2008-07-12   >

Comic #1994

1 {scene: The cantina on Mos Eisley}
1 [sound]: BLAM!
2 Han: Oh my god... I left the safety off! I must have bumped the trigger when I shifted in my chair!
3 Han: Greedo, old pal! Are you okay?! Greedo? Don't play around with me, buddy... Oh no!!!
4 Han: WHAT HAVE I DONE?!??!!

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Han Solo turns himself in for accidental manslaughter and serves two years in an Empire prison. Meanwhile, the Rebellion is crushed when the Imperial Death Star successfully destroys their base on the fourth moon of Yavin.

On his release, Solo dedicates his life to social work, trying to make a difference amongst the oppressed poor. He lives out his life in obscurity and dies early from overwork, while the Empire endures for another thousand years.

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