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<   No. 1858   2008-02-27   >

Comic #1858

1 {scene: The office}
1 Ophelia: Mercutio, can you help me with a spreadsheet problem?
1 Mercutio: Sure, but only if you let me install OpenOffice.
2 Mercutio: I'm abstaining from supporting Microsoft Office products. Besides, OpenOffice is much better.
3 Ophelia: Oh? Why?
3 Mercutio: It's Excel-Lent.
4 Ophelia: How long have you been waiting to do that joke?
4 Mercutio: Eleven months.

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Yes folks, it's that mad period between Mardi Gras and Easter again, when people make silly puns based on the traditional Christian period of fasting and penitence.

The bad thing about seasonal puns is you have to wait to deliver them at full impact.

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