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<   No. 166   2003-07-10   >

Comic #166

1 Steve: So, Cthulhu, back for more, eh?
1 Cthulhu: {lurching forward} Die, puny mortal!
2 Steve: {getting Cthulhu in a wing lock} How'd'you like a piece of this? I'll throttle you with your own ichor!
3 Terry: {calling up} Steve! Pacify him! Try offering him some candy!
4 Steve: Candy is dandy, Terry, but ichor is quicker.

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Thanks to Steve Jackson for the punchline. Yes, that Steve Jackson.

Cthulhu speaks in 18 point Flat Earth Scribe, a freeware font from Blambot.

And yes, I know British/Australian pronunciation of "ichor" is "eye-kor" - that's how I pronounce it after all. But I thought the forced pronunciation would make the joke even funnier...

2012-05-10 Rerun commentary: If you don't recognise that last line in the comic...

How did you spend your childhood???!?

It's a quote from a movie that all kids should see. Well, a pun on the quote, anyway. Okay, the movie got it from Ogden Nash, who is one of the funnest poets ever. Check out some of his stuff.

Oh, and go watch the movie and relive the joy of childhood.

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