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<   No. 1613   2007-06-27   >

Comic #1613

1 Mercutio: {looking at computer} Hmmm. Someone's updated the Wikipedia article to say that Earth has now surrendered to the Martians.
2 Man in Black: That's not possible.
2 Mercutio: Because Martians don't exist?
3 Man in Black: No, because that article has been locked.
3 Mercutio: But... that means... the person spreading these rumours...
4 Mercutio: Must be a Wikipedia admin!
4 Man in Black: I'm calling for backup. The situation is worse than expected.

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Information is power. Wikipedia administration abilities are therefore...

I'll allow you to finish that thought yourself.

A lot of fairly vocal people seem to dislike Wikipiedia with varying degrees of intensity. Upon investigation, it's usually because some change that they didn't like was made to the information on it. Very often an article on some topic they cared about was deleted. Or an article on some topic they thought trivial (at least in comparison to the stuff they care about) wasn't deleted.

The trouble is you can't please everybody. By trying to do so, you pretty much guarantee that you end up pleasing nobody. The world would be a much nicer place if people just stopped caring so darn much about stuff that's really pretty trivial in the grand scheme of things.

Imagine what medieval peasants would say if you could explain to them the stuff that people waste most of their time worrying about these days.

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