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<   No. 1574   2007-05-19   >

Comic #1574

1 Wendy: The English galleon be gainin' on us! They be after Greybeard's treasure map!
2 Long Tom: Arrr! Luck be with us! The sun be settin', an' there be no moon. Belay them lanterns, ye scurvy swabs!
2 Dirque: Aye, cap'n!
3 {scene change: The English galleon in hot pursuit. The sun is setting slowly in the background and it's getting darker.}
3 Mate: We'll lose them in the dark. They're dousing their lights.
3 Ponsonby: We shall see by the light of our just and noble cause!
4 Mate: Just how much starch are they putting in your collars, captain?

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Another one from the "Have you noticed" files:

Sunsets. In movies. Why do they always go from broad daylight to darkness in under 3 minutes of screen time? Have't any movie directors ever heard of twilight?

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