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<   No. 1463   2007-01-28   >

Comic #1463

1 [caption]: {in Japanese} megainfinitefeaturelessplane
1 [caption]: {bigger, in English} megainfinitefeaturelessplane
1 [caption]: Eh. I couldn't even be bothered waking up today. Here's some character art I've been working on.
1 {scene: single large frame of art, showing a mysterious new Death, who is wearing a bizarre sort of ceremonial headdress}
1 [caption]: {small print} (Like I care what Piro thinks. I control Death, man!)

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Megatokyo is a very successful webcomic that many of you probably need no further introduction to. For the rest of you, the Wikipedia article is pretty comprehensive and amazingly well referenced with further reading material.

The author, Fred Gallagher - a.k.a. Piro - has managed to avoid having a job other than cartooning full time since 2002, and to make a decent living on advertising and merchandising profits. Despite this, he is somewhat notorious for his irregular update schedule, and posting filler art and other material just so the Megatokyo home page doesn't sit stagnant for weeks on end.

So that's what I'm doing wrong...

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